Sound settings__

Suggestion: On every save, sound is generated. Make that optional - configurable by settings choice.

Note: Choosing Tools > Options > Messages and unchecking the boxes does stop the sound, but it also means the confirmation message box does not appear. I suggest a setting so that visual confirmation would remain, but sound could be disabled.

I don't get a sound for any save - so it seems to be configurable already.
Do you get message boxes when you save?

Until that is implemented, you can mute System Sounds using the Windows Volume Mixer.

I do. image

You can also disable the notifications in Mp3tag at "Options > Messages". You won't get the message box then, but also no sound.

Thank you for the suggestion ryerman. Although it seems that would also disable all sounds while I had Windows system sounds shut down. That makes me seem a bit paranoid when it comes to system sounds. :slight_smile:
Thanks again for the response. If my suggestion comes to fruition I will feel that I have contributed something. I did as you suggested Florian but I don’t want to lose the visual confirmation.

This is just a plain system message box.
You would then get that sound in every application that uses these message boxes.
You can disable the sound for particular system messages (like information, confirmation, warning) in the windows control panel.

Thank you for the clarification. I will give that a shot.

That does stop the accompanying sound in mp3tag, but as you noted, it also stops the sound for any other application that uses that same notification. That's a workaround that will work for me until (or if) the feature is considered useful enough to be added. Thanks!