Specific MP4 file cannot be opened for writing

Hi everyone,
I don't know if thats the right place to ask, but I have a different issue now. I triedseveral times to Batch-Process my files through Actions and also other tasks. However, always this file makes problems and I don't know why. it's not opened and I restarted the computer several times. I can upload the file if necessary.

Have you tried moving that file out of the Music folder temporarily (like the Desktop) to see if the rest of the files scan completely? I would check that file and any others that cause the action to fail for consistency.

Also check if the Tag column in the File List contains some error-related information.

Thanks guys! I can play the file normally with my players and iTunes. However, I did the integrity check and the file is broken:

Since I bought it on iTunes I should be able to redownload it. Thanks for the help!
Thanks also for splitting the thread Florian to keep everything organized!

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