Splitting double/triple etc cds

Having ripped double cds i find they are amalgamated into one, with two track 1's, etc. How do i split them?

You mean, you have two

01 - Tracktitle (from CD1).mp3
01 - Tracktitle (from CD2).mp3

in the same directory and want to split in

\CD1\01 - Tracktitle.mp3
\CD2\01 - Tracktitle.mp3

Please show us a screenshot with your real tracknames.

unfortunately, the screendump does not show the interesting part of the path whether there is an indication to which CD the track belongs.
I think the only way around it would be either ...
select all files from the 2nd album (use Ctrl-Left click to select),
use the track numbering wizard Ctrl-K to assign new track numbers and start with number 201 (instead of 1)
Then sort by the column for track number.
You can now decide whether you want to assign a discnumber or use a different numbering scheme or add the cd information to the album title or whatever you think is suitable to separate the tracks.

My solution in these cases is to sort the files by filedate, as usually they are ripped sequentially and thus one cd is older than the other, then you can see which belongs to cd1, cd2 etc.

In such a case - where the CD information (aka DISCNUMBER) is really missing - I would do one of the following things:

a) I would re-rip the CDs and save the tracks per CD in a individual folder
b) I would try to use a Websource Script and then align the songs accordingly (move them up/down until they match)

If you could post a screen shot of the Enhanced Tag editor of one of these tracks, that would help. Specifically look for the Discnumber field. Depending on the ripping software, this should have been included, and could have been used to write the filenames. But since we are past that point it is important now to see if that field is there, perhaps with a variation on the naming.

This may not be what you want to hear, and for all I know, it's heresy to even propose, but...

I put all multi-CD recordings into a single folder. And then number them sequentially 01 thru the last track of the last CD. I've never seen a reason to keep them in discrete, separate folders. It's not like I ever listen to just one CD. And especially for live shows (I have a LOT of live concerts on CD, such as Grateful Dead), it really makes no sense.

just my .02

To all you lovely people who took the time to respond to a computer illiterate (me); a thousand thankyous! For what its worth, i took your advice (when i could understand it), threw in a bit of guesswork and came up with: copy the file into another folder (sometimes itll let you copy into its own folder, sometimes not), change the file name in microsoft discovery (?) to blah cd1, then mp3tag to add cd1 to title and remove all cd2 tracks. Go back to original file and repeat, substituting cd2 where appropriate, and removing all cd1 tracks. This should al!ow you to put both cds side by side in the same folder - phew!
Would you like to hear about my other problem? Of course you would, i hear you cry...
I rip ella fitzgerald's 'brilliant collection', but the bluesound vault thinks its 'the beauty of the blues' by various artists. I use mp3tag to correct artist, title and cover (whats ripped IS ella by the way), and this works for the 'front end' on my kindle where atists/titles etc are listed and where i choose what to play (what do you call this bit - and the other bit for that matter, the 'back end' in my mind) but the back end still has it as various artists etc - how can i change that?
Apologies if ive rambled on too long, but i really am grateful for all advice so far


Select all files from that collection.
Enter "Ella Fitzgerald" for ALBUMARTIST in the tag-panel.
Press Ctrl-S to save the changes.