Status on Default Field for CATALOGNUMBER

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I've recently downloaded the latest version of the software and observed that we still lack a default field for CATALOGNUMBER. While I'm aware that creating this field manually is an option, I recall from our previous discussions that Florian had mentioned plans to implement a default field for CATALOGNUMBER in 2022.

Florian, could you kindly update us on the progress of this feature? Is it still on your to-do list?

For reference, here's a link to the old discussion where this was mentioned: Confused as to how to get catalog number to display in tag panel - #3 by Florian

Looking forward to any updates on this.

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See the documentation:

Thank you for sharing this information. However, I'm wondering if this implies that Florian will not be incorporating a default field for CATALOGNUMBER in upcoming versions?

What do you mean by "default field"?
If you had a look at the mapping table, you will find a lot of fields which are there but not in the initial setup.
As soon as you customize your tag panel or file list, then this customization will be kept, fields like CATALOGNUMBER would become your standard and the field is mapped to items possibly recognized by other programs - just like other possibly more prominent "standard" fields like ARTIST or ALBUM.

Yes, I won't add this as default field for to the Tag Panel on the left or as column to the File List.

However, I've added CATALOGNUMBER to list of default fields for new installations. This is the list of fields available for field selection or via the Format String Helper Menu.

This is the relevant entry from the changelog:

[2022-06-23] CHG: added CATALOGNUMBER to list of default fields for new installations. (#57717)

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