Style tag to Genre Field?

Hi there,

I have been tagging all my MP3's using the discogs lookup function and I notice that it has a 'style' tag. I want to have this 'style' tag in place of my 'genre' tag in the files, is this possible?

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Please note that STYLE is no standard tag field but a user-defined one - so, to see that your player would have to support user-defined tag fields.
It is not quite clear to me what you mean by

You can set up the tag panel and the file list to display (also) the field STYLE.
If you want to copy the contents of STYLE to GENRE, use an action of the type "Format tag field" for GENRE
Format string: %style%

This topic has also been disvussed in the path, i.e. here:

Thank you for your help, that works well :slight_smile:

The only issue now is that I have sorted hundreds of tracks before adding the 'style' tag, do I really have to individually look up each track on discogs again to find the style tags again? I thought they would have saved the first time and could simply be 'viewed' :frowning:

You could check the extended tags dialogue and see whether you find the STYLE field there.
Or you could filter for the field
or for the reverse list:
style MISSNG

See the documentation:

Thank you once more @ohrenkino

After checking the extended tags I see that the style tags were saved as 'contentgroup', so I can pull the data from there.

One final issue, in the extended tags, the publisher/label data is being saved as 'organization' and when I try to setup an action to place the 'organization' field into the 'publisher' field I cannot find organization in the extended tags options? Is there a reason why it is not there and any way I can pull teh organization data into the publisher field?

I cant thank you enough for your help so far

If you are missing a field name but you have seen it in the extended tags, then simply type it in.