Suggestion - Checkboxes in adjust tag info panel for WSF

It would be nice for this UI panel to show checkboxes of the parsed tags so that users could enable or disable any without the need to create a new script for that.

A check all or uncheck all button would be great to quickly change all.


I've implemented something similar for the Mac version of Mp3tag. The fields table shows the metadata for the selected file and the app remembers which fields got deactivated.

The approach is less flexible in other regards, e.g., there is no way to change the artist for all files at once. However, I think it's possible to do that via the main Tag Panel after import if needed.

Is this the adjust tag info or the info tag panel for web source scripts?

If something like that could get added to the adjust tag info it would be a nice feature.

I've added this with Mp3tag v3.12c.


Thanks for adding this.

Can I make a suggestion to allow an uncheck all and check all right mouse click context menu or something similar?

I've already implemented some keyboard shortcuts,

Ctrl + A Select all
Ctrl + Shift + A Invert selection
Space Enable / Disable selected items
Ctrl + E Enable all
Ctrl + D Disable all

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