Suggestion: keep the order of items in multiple tags, when editing in Extended Tag Panel

Flac file with tags:
Artist 1: First Joe
Artist 2: Second Joe
Artist 3: Third Joe

In the Tag Panel i see:

First Joe\\Second Joe\\Third Joe

After editing the second item i see:

First Joe\\Second Fred\\Third Joe

Again. In Extended Tag Panel i see:

ARTIST First Joe
ARTIST Second Joe
ARTIST Third Joe

After editing the second item i see:

ARTIST First Joe
ARTIST Third Joe
ARTIST Second Fred

I do not know, if it is a mistake or intentional, but i think, it would be more appropriate to keep the order.


I agree. It does have relevance in players that don't support multiples.

I avoid editing multiples in Extended Tags for this reason.

I'd guess that it's not intentional per se, but some sort of optimization when writing the data.

My purpose is other:

  1. the right order of all files, when i sort the table by that column;
  2. when a song is multi-title (medley), the authors must follow the titles.

Solved in 3.04b


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