Support for Custom Tag Sources

I've spent the past weeks also working on adding support for custom tag sources to Mp3tag for Mac. I've initially thought that adding a completely new framework for developing and supporting custom tag sources would be a good idea. — However, over the past months I've learned that many users asking for custom tag sources know them from the Windows version and expect it to work in a at least similar fashion.

So I took the plunge and revisited the really ancient code and re-implemented the Web Sources Framework for Mp3tag for Mac.

I'm now at a stage where I soon want to invite interested users for beta testing. If this is you, please use Help → Send Feedback and send me an email to request beta access. Please also include in your email which Tag Sources you're most likely to use.


Support for custom tag sources is now publicly available with Mp3tag for Mac v1.6.

I hope all the existing Custom Tag Sources are working as expected. If you find something that’s not, please let me know (including the details) via Help → Send Feedback or here in the Community.

Mashallah finally! So I bought the Mac version immediately and it works. Thanks!

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