Support for custom Web Sources

I mainly use a customised version of the iTunes web source.

Does that mean I can't create my customized discogs source? Eg. I've added DISCOGS_MEDIATYPE or RELEASETIME fields which are missing in basic Discogs source and so on.

Yes, that's correct. MEDIATYPE is imported, though.

Going to add my vote to this (if that means anything).

This is the main reason I'm stuck on the (funnily free) Windows version.

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Yes, this would be tremendous and is one of my few stumbling blocks in adapting this native version.

Adding my vote as well

Adding my vote.

Würde mich auch über Itunes support freuen. Finde da mehr Tags.

Добавьте itunes.src пожалуйста. ))

Adding my vote too

Würde mich auch freuen.

I have just changed over from Windows to Mac and was pretty shocked not to have custom web sources. This is probably the greatest feature of mp3tag and I use it all the time. I wanted to buy the Mac app, but will hold off until it is included. Using the PC version on a virtual machine. I really hope I can use the Mac app soon. Why would the paid version have less features than the free version?


I have more than 10 000 tunes to cleanup and wanted to use a web source to help me to do it, I was very happy to see that it was something possible ... and ... finally just for Windows users .... it's not possible with Mac ...

I add my vote too

Just to clarify in case you don't know: you can already use both Discogs and MusicBrainz for that with Mp3tag for Mac. However, if you're looking for one of the alternative tag sources — that's currently not possible.

I know, it was especially my goal to customize the web source I will give a chance to MusicBrainz and Discogs, alternatively, but I think todays, Spotify, Music, SoundCloud, Amazon and Tidal are better than this old database

after some tests with MusicBrainz and Discogs I can say this is really necessary to embed "Apple Music" and all others Streaming platform

Discogs is very too old and too much oriented Compact Disc Databases
MusiBrainz is too much limited the quality of Artwork is worthy and it does not import Genre for example


Hello everybody a little gift as a new contributor for mp3tag, after bought the Mac version of mp3tag

I finally decided to switch for a Windows 10 version directly installed on my Mac, how :

follow this link : Downloads - PlayOnMac - Run your Windows applications on Mac easily! (for download the tool)

follow this tutorial :

you can install everything 32/64 bits binaries for Windows with Crossover (Wine implementation) and finally you directly on your Mac FileSystem the amazing MP3tag system

Hi Florian, I really do hope you will make alternative tag sources available soon. Since I changed over to Mac, I really miss this option. I used it all the time. Discogs is really not an alternative to the iTunes web source.

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Hi am totally agree with you we need to manage the tag via ISRC ID, The Acoustic ID or MB ID are not very accurate especially about GENRE and Artwork

Gibt es was Neues? Oder wird es nur bei der Windows Version bleiben?

I'd really love to see other sources like Beatport or Spotify within MP3Tag as I like the possibilitys of MP3Tag but Discogs & Musicbrains are very limited.
As of now I use the open source oneTagger, which is super fast, for the initial tagging of the files. Afterwards i check and correct them with MP3Tag.

An update: Support for Custom Tag Sources

I'm closing this one to try bundling the discussion into one topic.