Swap Track Name and Track Title

Hello fellow Mp3tag users!

I have a bunch of tracks that need some details changed. (Swap track 'title' info with track 'name' info)

I followed this tread Artist and Title tag need to be switched; how? ...but it didn't work. It seems the track name cant be changed?!

Can someone please help with this?

Many thanks!

For track name, do you mean the file name?

Thanks MotleyG. Yes .. It seems that most audio players (Like car stereo etc) want to display the File Name by default. That's why I need to transfer the 'title' info to replace the file names. Cheers.

The usual advice: fill the tag fields, then rewrite the filename.
I doubt that most audio players want to display the file name - they take the file name if they don't find information in the tags. So, if the tag fields are empty: fill them frist and see what your player makes of it.
For moving parts of the file name around, see Converter>Filename-Filename.

Is there a quick way to do many files in one go? ie: swap all of the track title info with the track file name info?

That depends an awful lot on how consistent the underlying pattern is.
But as I don't see an actual example of a typical filename, I cannot offer more detailed advice.

thanks.. is there a way I can attach a file or a image in this forum?

see here:

Great thanks.. Thats handy! You can see that the first column has been cut or abbreviated.. I want to swap it with the info from the 'title' column.. preferably in bulk - not one at a time :slight_smile:

Oh, that's good: the tag fields are filled.
THis means that you can use that data to create a new filename (I would not swap it - the information in FILENAME is much shorter than in TITLE).
So try for a single file first:
Format string: %title%

I do not see the contents of the field TRACK but I see a number in the filename. If TRACK is already filled - fine. If not, then retrieve that information first:
Pattern: %track% %dummy%
(There is a preview for reassurance)
To get the whole information of TITLE and TRACK into the filename, use Converter>Tag-Filename
Format string: $num(%track%,2) - %title%
(There is a preview to show you the new filename)

All this works for all the selected files in 1 go.

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ohrenkino... Thank you,, Thank you, Thank you!! I got as far as your first suggestion and it did exactly what I needed. After spending hours searching Youtube and various forums... you have helped me with your quick and simple advice. I appreciate you taking the time to reply! Good karma coming your way.. :slight_smile:

You have your filenames without tracknumber now, only the title, correct?
If yes, how do you know that the "Op. 15, No. 1" was the 4th track on this album?

Ahh.. good point. I cant seem to see an option for 'Track'. .. and I cant see anywhere a heading of track number... I tried your method above but it seemed to just place a '00' at the start of each file name.. Having said that, when I click on the 'name' column heading in windows to sort them, it seems to list them in the desired order. So I hoping that will be the case when they are played in my audio player etc... I will report back.

Hi Again ohrenkino, it looks like the order of play is based entirely on the alphabetical / numerical order. ie so any track with a '1' at the start goes first . etc So the question is now - how do I manually add a track number when there is no info in the other fields.. ? I cant see any other field that might contain this data... ??

As I wrote:

This fills the field TRACK with data from the filename.
If there is no leading track number in the filename but somewhere else in the filename, then please supply a sample filename.
If there are no track numbers anywhere at all, you may move the files into the preferred order with Alt-Drag&Drop,
select all files that should now get an ascending number ,
Open the track numbering assistant (Ctrl-K) and set the option as you think are best and then let the assistant do its job.
This fills the field TRACK.
After that, I refer to:

ah!.. I might have just worked it out! Audio Numbering Wizard...!!
I will test it tomorrow... :slight_smile:

Sorry.. Just saw your reply.. Yes I think this will do the job! Many Thanks!