Artist and Title tag need to be switched; how?

I've been using mp3tag for simple tasks. It works great.

There is one situation that I cannot figure how mp3tag can solve the problem.

I have a file:


Title = Ella Fitzgerald
Artist = It's Wonderful

ID 3.v3.2.3

Obviously the two tags need to be reversed.

How do I do that?

Things I have already tried:

CONVERT TAG TO TAG --> (Field = TITLE, Format String = %artist%)
This changes the title to "It's Wonderful", but because TITLE is now changed, I cannot run the command again (i.e., (Field = artist, Format String = %title%)) because the title no longer has artist information).

(The only thing this can do is to transfer 100% of the file name to one of the tags. But obviously I do not want that. )

I have no idea how to do this or even how to get started. I'd appreciate any help you can give to an idiot like me.

see after compter froze, all my albums label fildname changed to organization for an example of how to swap tags. Just use your tags in question. This is also mentioned in the FAQ.

Thanks, this did the job for me.

To be more specific about how to do it:

  1. Actions (Alt-F6)
  2. Click the top right icon (i.e., New)
  3. In popup choose a name of action group (i.e., "My Title/Artist Swap Action")
  4. Click top right icon (i.e. "New")
  5. On dropdown to choose Action Type, choose Guess Values.
  6. Fill in these values:
  • Source Format: %title%~%artist%
  • Guessing Pattern: %artist%~%title%
5. Press Ok. 6. When you return to the list of Action Groups, check the one you created (i.e., "My Title/Artist Swap Action"). 7. Press Ok.

After you perform this last action, you should see that the values for the Title and Artist field have been switched.

Nice detailed description of how to go about it. Good job. One thing is step 6 is unesscary to tick the box. The only time you tick this is when you need to run an important action applicable to all files . i.e. An action to delete trailing/leading spaces. So for your needs go back and untick the box, okay that. Then click the down arrow beside the action button where you will be presented with your 'My Title/Artist Swap Action' so click it. This method provides one of actions to be done all while having the action at hand in the menu.