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Friends, when I open my music in the Mp3 tag program, suffixes appear after the songs in the file name and Title columns. I showed it in the picture. I also want to remove these names and even write my own name instead of those names. I can change the names manually, but I couldn't figure out what I should do to change these extensions in the mp3 tag program. Thank you in advance for your help.

It's a little bit difficult to guess what "Baslik" or "Dosya Adi" could be...

Please show us a screenshot from the View -> Extended Tags window (or press Alt + T) on the above song.

And what exactly do you mean with "suffixes"?
Do you want to remove all the content including the brackets itself like in your example "(Lyrics Video)"?

It seems to me that you want to delete what you call your "suffix" from the title and the filename.
Is it always "Lyrics video" or is this only an example for this "suffix" and what do the others look like?

Do you want to keep this information in another tagfield or just delete it?
You wrote that you want to exchange the information with something else. What does this something else look like? It is always the same?

In Mp3Tag there are many ways to fulfill a result. One these ways is to use the converter to just remove your "suffix". The converter gives you an immediate preview of the result.

  1. Write a new TITLE with the Converter Filename->Tag:
    Field: TITLE
    Format string: %dummy% - %title% (%dummy%

  2. Then rebuild the FILENAME with the Converter Tag->Filename:
    Format string: %artist% - %title%

Dear Friend, thank you very much for your attention.
I am sharing two links below, there are two identical mp3s, both are the same song.
The title of the first work:
Take and Warm My Hands [VivaTurkiye.Eu]
Title of the second work:
Take and Warm My Hands [C.G.arsivi] this
in the first title
Remove the places that say [VivaTurkiye.Eu] and replace them with
I want to write [C.G.arsivi] I correct it manually.
But I want all my files to be as in the second title, with a code in the mp3 tag program.

Thank you very much in advance.



Extended Tags from file #1:


Extended Tags from file #2:

Now you want to remove the square brackets itself and the content in the square brackets in the tag TITLE.
Is this correct?

Or do do you want to replace the content in the square brackets in the tag TITLE always with the same content [C.G.arsivi]?

I want to remove these
[C.G Archive]
I want to write this
and I do this manually. I want to apply it to all my files with MP3 Tag. Thank you.

You could use Convert Tag -> Tag with this Format string:
$replace(%TITLE%,'[VivaTurkiye.Eu]','[C.G Archive]')
This replace every occurence of
in your TITLE tag with
[C.G Archive]
in all your selected files.

For example, your first TITLE
Al ve Isıt Ellerimi [VivaTurkiye.Eu]
will be changed to
Al ve Isıt Ellerimi [C.G Archive]

Hello, I pasted the code you sent. 1st picture
The mp3 tag also looked like this2. The picture looked like this in mp3 detail. Unfortunately, my 3rd series did not happen.

Please follow carefully what I suggest:

My suggestion includes the menu Convert Tag -> Tag

And please use an english Mp3tag-GUI for your screenshots:

I don't speak your language and can't understand what your screenshot shows.

I converted the mp3 tag to English and put the code you sent to the place in the 1st picture. As in the 2nd picture. It looks like the 3 pictures in the mp3 tag. and this is the result in the image details in the 4th picture mp3, that is, the code does not work.

picture 4

Somewhere before you used Convert Tag -> Tag you executed a (wrong) command to write the wrong content into your TITLE tag.

Please restore your tracks from your previously created backup and try it again as soon as the content of TITLE is
Al ve Isıt Ellerimi [VivaTurkiye.Eu]
and then will be changed to
Al ve Isıt Ellerimi [C.G Archive]
with the help of Convert Tag -> Tag

The preview in Convert Tag -> Tag show you the result BEFORE you execute the command with the OK - Button and the preview should look like this for your example track:

I follow everything you wrote, but the titles and names do not change. Here you go, the music does not change in a folder. If it changes, I will put the chaods for it. Regards.

I wonder if these files should be protected against writing or modification, or I did all of them.

Thank you for your files.

You need to use EXACTLY the text you want to replace in the Format string.
As you can see in this AniGif
is not exactly the same as
even if it is only a matter of UPPERCASE or lowercase letters:

To be sure to use exactly the same text, I always copy & paste such strings from the tag into the format string.

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Thank you so much my friend, it's finally done, you are amazing. I have a few more questions in my mind, but I won't ask them. Thank you again for everything. I am grateful.

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Feel free!
Just open a new thread for your other questions.

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