Tag info not shown in Win 7?

Hi all,

I don't really know/think it has to do with mp3tag but since recently my mp3 tag info is not showing up in Win 7. If I open the mp3s with mp3tag I see the proper info in the program but not in Windows Explorer?
I also recently installed Media Info (a program that shows all info from any video/audio files), maybe it's because of this, I don't know.

If anyone knows a solution, let me know. I already tried resetting the info but it still doesn't show.


Which information is missing?
Are the required columns visible? THis is only the case if windows grades the directory as music-containing directory. Perhaps you have to tell windows explicitly by altering the folder type.
Or does WMP not show the tag information?

If I select an mp3 file (any song), the information from the song (artist, title, etc) doesn't show in Windows Explorer (bottom of the page).
The required columns are visible but contain no info. I set the directory explicit to Music and there are no other files in that directory but mp3. WMP does show the info though.
Until recently I saw the info but now it's gone and don't know why.
Thanks for the fast reply so far.

I have a Dutch version so don't know if you'll be able to read everything but you can see the Title (Titel), Album, ... fields are empty as well as those on the bottom of the screen. Map is set to Music (Muziek) in properties window.
And yes, I am sure they all contain info as I altered them hand by hand with mp3tag :slight_smile:

EDIT: I also read this thread as it looks similar to my problem?
However mine does show mp3 info and not APE so I doubt that's the problem.

Good - but somehow Window gets a hickup.
Now I think it is time to see whether the files are still in order.
Could you check some of the files with a tool like mp3val (freeware) or Foobar - both are able check the integrity, mp3val does not detect all errors but tries to repair files but leaves a .bak copy of the original file.
If mp3val says everything is fine then ... well, I don't know.
Perhaps a last check: does WMP like to show the tags?

I installed foobar, every meta tag is shown.
Do I need to scan the mp3s with the prog?
If so, how? :stuck_out_tongue:
If I play in WMP, on top it shows author and then title.
If I right click the file and look for it's properties it shows all the details except mediatype & audio codec. Those are marked "-"

Drat! (or good: no corrupt files).
BTW: Your screenshot shows that the Explorer DOES read the information: if you have alook at the bottom of the window (in the screenshot) then you see all the tag-info.
So why doesn't the explorer fill the columns?
In a way this relieves me that it is not a tag problem but an explorer problem.
But to be honest, I am close to my wits end.

I now have to check at home on my Win7 what kind of explorer setting may cause this.

What does the tag column in Mp3tag show?
Make sure it is ID3v2.3 and not ID3v2.4

As a matter of fact it does NOT show the info at the bottom. To translate, it says something like "Fill in year, Fill in album" etc.
So no actual data from the mp3 is shown.
All mp3s are ID3v2.3 so that good.
I think this is a problem with Win 7 or some application causing the trouble.

I have a similar problem. I have a wma ripped with WMP in Windows 7. The album art is stored as folder.jpg and as AlbumArt_{WMID}_Large.jpg

Looking at the original file in explorer, the bottom details pane shows the tag info and the album art. If I edit the tag info with WMP, explorer, or Tag&Rename, the tags update and the details pane still shows the album art.

If I update the tag into with Mp3tag, the tags upadate and show correctly, but the details pane does NOT show the album art. Changing just one tag and saving with Mp3tag will cause this to happen.

Looking at the tag info at the start of the files with notepad for the same file modified in the same way with explorer and Mp3tag shows very different info.
It looks like Mp3tag is changing the tag storage in the file to be different than explorer and WMP (and Tag&Rename) do it.


I'm having the same problem. I ran mp3tag on my Vista computer & everything was fine. I came over to my Windows 7 computer & the tags disappeared. It still says "Specify Album" and "Specify Artist" at the bottom of Explorer. The worst part is that the tags also don't show up in Windows Media Player, which is the whole reason I tried to get the tags.

Interestingly, the new cover art I put onto the files did show up on Windows 7.

Is there something which needs to be done in order for the tags to show up in Windows 7 ?

I'm using mp3tag v 2.46a.

Thank you very much,


Hi, I saw the same issue, and after some research found that while Windows 7 supports ID3 tags in Explorer, it doesn't support v2.4 properly. Switch your tags back to v2.3 (in 'Options') and re-save. Your details and covers will reappear in Explorer!

Hope that helps anyone puzzled by the same problem.

Hi Vjeetn, and others,

Although I didn't experience any problems with newly created files, I did experience problems similar to yours with historical files: the Tag information entered in the past with Mp3tag (when I wasn't using Windows7 yet) didn't show up properly in Windows Explorer anymore. I experienced this problem only with some files, not with all. I am using v2.47b. Trying to find a solution I ended up here.
Solution that worked for me was:

  • in Mp3tag, select the file.
  • in the menu, choose option File --> Remove Tag.
  • do this 2 or 3 times, until you're sure the Tag info is gone (it took me 2-3 times, and everytime some info was disappearing).
  • refill the Tag info via freedb-database, or manually.
  • save the file.
    After this, all Tag info was showing up properly again in Explorer with Windows7.

Not sure whether this is the solution, or whether the matter had already been solved with version 2.47b (you indicated you were using 2.46). Hoping that this option is of any use for others though.


Instead of Remove tag you can use Cut tag. It saves the tags to the clipboard and you can add it back with Paste tag.

It also restores embedded covers. Undo can't do that.

I have the same problem, not with 7, but with (a Dutch) XP.
Explorer shows no tag info at all, file properties window same thing, at the bottom of an explorer window it only shows type and size, but WMP/VLC/Mp3tag and WinAmp show the tag info (just artist and title in my case) without problems :flushed:

I have already removed all tags and replaced them with an ID3v1 tag (just to try), no go and when I copy the MP3's to a different computer (also with XP, but with recent install and all updates ) everything is fine.

Any idea's? I can't remember the last time I saw the tags in explorer, so I have no idea what might have been the cause.

Long time ago since my last visit :unsure:
I still haven't found the answer to this problem :frowning:
Any ideas?

Mine are (and have always been) v2.3 as far as I know.
I did what you suggested and tried both v2.3 UTF16 & v2.3 ISO...
Nothing helped :frowning:

Your suggestion didn't work either. I still add mp3's frequently to my music folder and set the tags manually but even these newer ones aren't showing in explorer.

I also tried setting them to ID3v1 but again, no luck.
I'm starting to think this might be a DLL problem with my windows or some sort?
I really don't have a clue...
Saw a lot of other people with the same or similar problem but they could fix it with changing their tags from v2.4 to 2.3 but this doesn't apply to me.

Try Converting to the same bitrate & type. (with tag transfer support)

I had same issue & after converting the original file seemed to have multiple artist & titles. I just deleted the Extras & removed the converted ones. Although the converted files are surely fixed.

Err, I don't quite get what you mean?
Please explain or show an example.

TBH, I really think this is a Win7 problem (or at least with mine).

All my tags were showing up in Explorer on Win Vista (& XP) so they should be fine.

I had the same exact problem as you, vjeetn, and have fixed my problem. The other methods didn't work for me until I discovered the simple problem. Was browsing the forum and decided to make an account just so I could post this.

The difference between the songs whose info showed and those stubborn ones that didn't when using the search feature (you noticed that the info was there if you clicked it, and would show in the columns if you viewed the file's folder, just not as a search result) was in the file's attributes.

Right click, properties, and at the bottom of the first tab is the Attributes section, click Advanced. Here's the key, you have to at least click the box for "Allow this file to have contents indexed in addition to file properties." This will allow Win7 to read the track info when using search, and should finally display this info for you. Hope this helps!

I had this problem - everything looked fine in mp3tag, but Windows 7 Explorer (and WMP 12) had problems with the tags in a few files. I found a free program that looks at mp3 files and "validates" them. Sure enough, it found problems in the same files. But all you have to do is click "Fix" and then you can edit the tags and all the programs are happy. Nice program:



MP3Val worked for me, too! I tried numerous other suggestions in this thread (and elsewhere) without success. Thanks for the info.