Tag not visible

If the title of the song is "vanessa1 - title," the tag looks normal.
But if the title of the song is "vanessa - title," I can't see the tag.
What's the problem?

see e.g. here:

(and what does the extended tags dialogue show?)

It comes out like this.
I changed the version.
The tag is still not displayed.
+In addition to changing the title of the song, deleting the album cover will show the tag.

(Using a translator may make the words weird.)

+I put the same tag, same file name in another file, so I can see the tag well.

+the original file looks normal on other devices.
I don't know if it's a Windows 10 problem.

+I added " "(space bar) after the album name, and I see the tag.
before "Vanessa - title"
after "Vanessa - title "

Check File>Options>Tags>Mpeg
if you read APE tags.
Switch it off.
Then re-read the file and see if the data shows.