Tag panel malfunctioning

I switched language to English and in the Tag panel language is still Italian. Furthermore the controls are repeated twice from Title to Folder then they start again from Title. The first set of controls (up to Folder included) don't work. For example if I want to rename an album and I edit the upper album TextBox then I press Save in the ToolBar I see the ProgressBar running, but the tag is not changed. If edit the lower album TextBox then I press Save in the ToolBar everything works fine.

see this thread:

could you contribute to narrow down the cause?

Thanks for the error report. I'll adjust the translation for the next release.

Regarding the duplicate fields: you're not the first one to report this, but I have really no idea what is causing the issue. I've changed the standard fields (title, artist, album, ...) to be configurable, so they become part of the user-defined fields at "Options > Tag Panel".

To achieve that, Mp3tag adds the standard fields if the previous version is before v2.88c (this is the development version were I've changed the Tag Panel). Once you open Mp3tag with, e.g., v2.89 the fields are added.

I have various ideas, but none of them can be confirmed by anyone affected. Let's try with you:

  1. You've updated to something >= v2.88c (e.g., v2.89) and used the same configuration with another installation < v2.88c. After that, the internal version setting was back to < v2.88c and once you've opened v2.89/v2.89a again, the standard fields got added again.

  2. The configuration file %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\mp3tag.cfg cannot be written, due to wrong permissions or other reasons.

  3. After the initial start of Mp3tag >= v2.88c (e.g., v2.89), it was not closed correctly and the settings were not saved (but the Tag Panel configuration was)

Let me know if you can shed some light into this. And for the saving problem: just remove the duplicate fields at "Options > Tag Panel". It's not meant to have duplicates.

Sorry but I can't seem to be of any help, since I don't see the problem any longer. I can't help but believe that this temporary issue was the result of making the 'default' tag fields definable. Even if others see the issue the first time they upgrade to 2.89 or 2.89a, I don't think it reoccurs.

Dennis, aka "d2b"

Not really. The "problem" disappeared shortly after I noted it.

I solved the problem of the field duplication by editing the file C:\Users\Angelo\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag\data\usrfields.ini and removing the duplicates. The problem about the language is not solved: I suppose because the strings are in the usrfields.ini file.

I've fixed the translation of the default fields with Mp3tag v2.89b. Thanks for reporting!

If you still need confirmation for the ideas, in my case I'm pretty sure it was 2. because I activated Windows Ransomware Protection. This makes certain Folders (Documents, Photos, ...) write protected for all programs not in a whitelist. MP3Tag was not in the list when updated, preventing file access. Had 5 copies of the default tags in the panel, after finding this thread fixed it manually.

Many thanks for the feedback! It's still a mystery to me, so any insights are most welcome.

Have you added %APPDATA% or %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\ to the list of restricted folders? I'm asking because I thought that the ransomware protection aka "Controlled folder access" of Windows 10 only blocks desktop, documents, photos, music and videos by default.

Hm I've done a little testing and can only reproduce the issue by downgrading from 2.89a to 2.88a (with restored default configuration the first time), so kind of your idea 1. But the adding happens when installing and opening the OLD version 2.88a. Every downgrade adds the fields again, but this is not related to the controlled folder access setting. I have not added the APPDATA folder manually, so might have been a coincident. But I'm pretty sure i have not downgraded 4 times before, only installed version updates. Unfortunately I can't downgrade and upgrade with the config again as only 2.89a has the option to fix the panel.
After the bug occured I downgraded though in attempt of a fix, that might have been how I ended up with 5 times the fields :smile:

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