Tag Panel - quick switching between its viewing modes

Some time ago I wished for such improvement:

And now I have [hopefully] a simple to implement idea that cold make Mp3tag somewhat closer to that first vision of mine

I wish I could switch instantly between all of three currently available version of Tag Panel. Right now we can have the Tag Panel docked in a vertical position, docked in horizontal position, and floating above the main window. They all have different sizes / shapes that can be adjusted by the user- but the user has no way circling through those 3 modes. So cannot there be:

1] a keyboard shortcut

2] an icon on Toolbar

3] an ability to quickly double click on uneditable [gray] part of Tag Panel

which would choose next mode of display from those 3? Or switch between only the 2 pre-chosen in settings by the user?

I have my Tag Panel on the left side of the maximized Mp3tag. To save precious horizontal space it is as thin as possible. Add so I often have to grab the right side of it and extend it to the right in order to see a very long TITLE or ALBUM or whatever; and then make it thin once again by grabbing the right edge again but this time moving it in the left direction. This is simply annoying and I have had it- enough is enough

And so I thought to myself: "maybe I will try the horizontally docked layout?". Yes- that dealt with this issue but created another one by making my list of files profoundly shorter; which was in the long run totally counter productive as it would require from me an even more often manipulation of the Tag Panel [but this time of its bottom edge]

And so I thought to myself: "but all I have to do is just grab the horizontal mode and dock it back ton the left side thus returning it to the vertical mode, how hard it can be?"

Well, as it turns out, it is very hard. I cannot grab it always as I run in high resolution. And then there is problem with moving it and docking- it just does not work as smoothly as in for example Photoshop or Corel DRAW. And having on the left side of the screen the Taskbar of Windows makes it even harder for me. Every switch takes me something like at lest 300% more of time [when I grab it good from the get go] to execute such switch of modes than the original method of temporary horizontal extension of vertically docked Tag Panel

But if I could just quickly double click any of the grey area of Tag Panel and then once again quickly double click it to revert to my vertical view, it would save me a lot of time and make that annoyance go away