REQUEST: Change Tag Panel size with a simple double click

Over the years there have been many requests [like those of mine Tag Panel: horizontal layout improvements to tag fields, Tag Panel - quick switching between its viewing modes] and actually implemented upgrades [REQUEST: Tag Panel new Size Of Field - micro - #9 by LyricsLover] to the Tag Panel

But the one thing that is still driving me nuts the most is the necessity to constantly grab its right edge and extend it to the right - so that I can see some very long data in a tag field like TITLE or ALBUM. I have a vertically oriented Tag Panel docked on the left side of the screen that for 99.99% of the time is narrowed to that minimum for which Mp3tag allows - but that 0.01% of time is plain annoying and counterproductive

But I see a simple solution: make the left mouse button double click executed on any place of Tag Panel except the tag fields [i.e. the grey area] expand the window of TP to the size of the longest displayed data in any of the tagfields which are currently visible in it; or any longest present if they presence would become visible after scrolling down TP that happens to take vertically more that one screen size of the user's monitor. And of course from that state [of widened Tag Panel] make it shrink to back previous size and / or minimum after also double click executed on any of its unused space [i.e. that grey area]

And for people who use also docked Tag Panel but stretched horizontally, such double click could expand it to the whole area of main window - thus making all of the tag fields bigger thus also presenting very long sets of data in them. And in a similar fashion a floating TP after a double click could enlarge itself the whole available space - and return to previous size and area of the screen after another such action

And to counter the outrage of users who would be confused by such behavior [by not seeing their file anymore] there could be for example a message written in CAPITALS with instructions what to do on the very bottom in the notification area. Or maybe the [expanded on the whole screen] Tag Panel could reserve its bottom for displaying of such information?

This simple feature would save a lot of clicks and time. And it would be a similar behavior to what Columns do when they are double clicked on their right edge [the difference would be that the user would not have to aim with pointer for the edge of Tag Panel]

[And no: buying a wider and bigger monitor and then permanently widening the Tag Panel is not a solution - a couple of months ago I went from using 34" widescreen to a 38" widescreen. I even though of buying a vertical oriented second monitor that would host the Tag Panel - but that would mess up a lot of other stuff as I pre-tested this solution when replacing my two previous monitors thus having the ability to use two physical screens at the same time for one desktop]