Tag panel: Ticking problems in the right-click menu

I'm using 2.91b with a horizontal tag panel.

Issue 1:

When I try to tick/un-tick a field in the lower part of the right-click menu nothing happens. However, if I go to the options dialogue and move the same field up in order, and go back to the right-click menu - then I can tick the field, but instead some other field won't work. So it seems it's always the lower part of the right-click menu that don't work.

Everything works as it should if I tick/un-tick in the options dialogue. This problem only occur in the last part of the right-click menu.

Issue 2:

When I tick/un-tick a multiline field in the right-click menu, the number of rows will be set to 3, disregarding my setting. However, if the setting was only one row, the multiline will be reverted to a large field.

Unlike the previous issue, this occurs everywere in the right-click menu. Like the previous issue, ticking/un-ticking works properly in the options dialogue.

I can confirm Issue 2. Thanks for reporting.

Regarding Issue 1: how many fields do you have in your list at "Options > Tag Panel"?

43 fields at the moment. I can tick/untick 1-40 in the right-click menu, but not 41-43.

I've tested to add more fields, both in the middle and last in the menu. The result is always that 1-40 is tickable, but 41+ is not.

So 41+ seems to be the only thing that matters since I can add fields or move around fields and it's always the resulting 41+ that are not tlickable.

Even if I untick 1-40, so that I have only three fields visible, i.e. 41-43, they still can't be ticked or unticked.

Great! Thanks for the detailed feedback. I've reproduced both issues now and will fix it to the next release.

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I've fixed both issues with Mp3tag v2.91c.

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