"Tag to Filename" not working

Hi guys,

The feature "Tag-Filename" is not working.

I get a this message (redacted):

"File "C:\Users\###\audio\book 3 Part 1\01 Track 01.mp3" cannot be renamed to "C:\Users\ ###\audio\book 3 Part 1\Half Life - 01.mp3".
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. "

I have checked, no other program is running, no other program besides mp3tag is accessing this file.

I have tried with 1 and multiple files, always the same.

I'm using MP3TAG ver. 2.94

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried to use a tool to check that the file in question is really not being used by another process? I use Tag-Filename a lot and I never have any issue with it. You can use Handle from Microsoft or Process Explorer (GUI version) to check the file in question.

It could also be a permission issue, perhaps try to start with "Run as Administrator" by right clicking Mp3tag.exe and retry the Tag-Filename operation.

In many cases this is not enough, you also have to take ownership.

Here is one of the many threads that deal with various aspects of files that cannot be written:

I try to use "handle", dont know how to use it.

"Run as Admin" also did not work.

I hate to sound like your friendly neighborhood tech guy (and it is a drastic measure), but sometimes you just have to do a restart of your computer for all hooks into certain files to be relinquished.

DONE. I reboot the computer twice and ran MP3Tag as admin.

This worked.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Exactly as I did. And it worked!.

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