Tag to filename stopped working

Just ran into this problem where all of mp3tag is functional, save for the tag to filename tool. The file list gets grayed-out and nothing happens; the only way out is to kill the program in task manager. Updated to the last version this AM but the issue wasn't resolved.

Just wondering if anyone came across this issue and knows how to resolve it.

Thanks in advance

Has it worked before?
What does the string look like with which you create the new filenames?
Are these new files or old ones? Does it work with old files?
Where are the files located? Internally? Network NAS? Cloud?
Who is the owner of the files (in respect to OS access rights)?
Which OS do you use?

On windows 10 and yes it was working fine. Tried files old and new on several different drives which all were working in the past (NAS, Internal, external) and the result is the same. I don't get the string creation window; I select the files, click Tag to filename, the files get greyed-out in Mp3Tag and the app freezes. No recovery outside of killing the process in task manager...

Can't be security and access rights.... my conditions didn't change overnight and the app works in the Filename to Tag direction....

So if nothing has changed - why should MP3tag suddenly change its behaviour.
I cannot reproduce what you have described - i can still rename files with Convert>Tag-Filename.
So you would have to keep investigating what still might have changed.
E.g. if this are new files, whether they have not been corrupted.
Or that the file mp3tag.cfg is still ok after you have forcefully closed MP3tag.
This thread lists some of the things that you can do locally to nattow down your problem:

Welcome to the forum Speedy! I checked and mine is working fine. I hope you can find a solution to this. If you do please let us know how and what was going on.

Do you have multiple displays on this Win10 PC? Have you changed a monitor or the default resolution recently? Perhaps the window for this tool has opened off the screen for some reason.

I do have multiple screens and always have an eye out for such possibilities, but no, not the case this time. Thanks for the help all the same.

Thanks, that gave me the clue I needed - So to test the hypothesis, I removed Mp3Tag from the system without clearing the files @ User/App Data/Roaming. Then I reinstalled the program >> same problem still occurring. Next, I uninstalled again, wiping the Roaming Data before reinstalling and, wallah, problem solved!

So, you were right, something wonky must have gotten stuck in the .cfg file. Thanks bunches!!!

Thanks everyone; this camper is happy with his first experience on here - nice, helpful bunch you all !!!!

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