Tags in Android

Hi All,

I have this thing I just cannot resolve and like some guidance.
So i hav this folder called Band of Friend with in it a collection of various songs of various artists, all neatly tagged with the program.
Now when transferred to my Android phone, it keeps making seperate folders in android for each artist, tho not all. I cannot see of find whats up and why it is, nor do i know how to resolve this.
I hope some 1 had the same and can give me good help to get this fixed. I tried so many things already, I really hope you can help me.

Thank in advance for trouble taken and grtz from Holland,


It would have been helpful if you had told us what you tried already so that it is not necessary to repeat the already fruitless attempts.

See that ALBUMARTIST and ALBUM are filled and that they have the same value each for each track. This could be a dummy entry but it should still be the same, e.g. ALBUMARTIST: Various, ALBUM: Band of friend.

I think this is a similar problem:


Ty for the answer..and you are right , Could have said that I tried the diverse thinkeable variations on naming the album, and albumartist, wit ot with out, each time cleared the cache of the android player, imported the songs in other programs like Foobar, Winamp, Vlc, and what nots...all with the same result as shown on the attached screenshots. I been looking at diffences in tag ID's, in bitrates,Variable or contant bitrate, cooments, what ever i could think of, still the result is the same. Also after the one you suggested just now, see the screenshots....Its no matter of life and death, I can play my songs, still it bugs me a lot on what not is it going as it should and how I like.
I hope you still have a suggestion for me to look at.

Ty so much for the trouble taken.

Grtz, Jan!

Could you show the tags from the extended tags dialogue for a track that behaves the way you want it and one that does not?
You see that dialogue by pressing Alt-T

I will but give me a little while, im transferring all from the android to tye laptop.....I grab to opportunity to format the sd card again.....I will get back at you.........ty for the time you take...its much appreciated:-)

Yes i will, im in the process of transferring all ( 256 Gb) to the laptop so i can format the sd card again and then build up as you suggested before and see how that will go....I will get back at you....

Is there a setting in your music app that moves files to either an ALBUM or ARTIST folder that it creates depending on what is checked? The default setting might be doing it to you.

Ty for the tip, no not that i can see, I use the Samsung Music Player, its all pretty basic....I must say, after a format and deletion of the player cache, a reboot, a good check on all tags and putting all songs back, I keep my fingers crossed, but must say so far so good, it does what its supposed to do......

Hi, i deleted all music, formatted the sd card, checked all tags good and adjusted as you suggested, and heyyyyy it works....anyways this far it does......so I guess I should say tyvm for your suggestions and help, its much appreciated and I hope it will stay this way....