The Comment is empty but there is info on the MP3 file

Screen Shot
The Comment info does not seem to be picking up the info from the mp3 song.
I run my Mp3 files in a software called "Mixed In Key" and it writes the energy level of the song "Energy 7" in the Comment field. so when i analyse the song in by DJLopes software it picks it up. So i defiantly know it is save on the MP3 file.

However when i open the file in MP3Tag the Comment field is empty.

  • via the preference i have created a "Comment" in the file tag & also in the tag panel.
    but there is no info showing.

You could check whether you have APE tags in the files and how you treat them.
Here is a thread about invisible comments and APE tags:

Please also check the extended tag dialog via ⌘ T or View → Extended Tags... — some comments have a dedicated comment description and are displayed as COMMENT DESCRIPTION in Mp3tag.