TIP: Scan files using MP3val with a shortcut in mp3tag

I was trying to find out if it was possible to use the tools function in mp3tag to quickly scan my .mp3 files integrity using MP3val. Found HERE.

So happens you can...

  1. Download the 'Download MP3val 0.1.8 binaries for Windows (frontend version 0.1.1 included) (130 Kb)' file.
  2. Open options in mp3tag. (CTRL+0)
  3. Go to: Tools> :mt_new: (New Tool)
  4. Enter in the dialog box: Name: MP3val Path: C:example\path\mp3val.exe Paramter: "%_path%\*.mp3" -f -nb for all selected files
  5. OPTIONAL: You can now move the tool to say 2nd from the top which is controlled with CTRL+2. You can use 0-9 positions.
VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure the path is directed to the "mp3val.exe" and not the "mp3val-frontend.exe". Your path will also be different than the example above.


-l Log file name. If this argument is missing, all the information will be written to stdout.

-f Try to fix errors.
-si Suppress INFO messages.
-nb Delete .bak files that were created during file rebuilding. Use this option together with -f.
-t Keep file timestamps. Use this option together with -f.
-p Pipe mode (receive input file names from stdin). Intended for interaction with frontends. is ignored in this case.
-v Print version and exit



Only works for single level directories. But still very handy for that quick fix.

That is a really nice idea. Tried it. Worked. :wink:

Thank you.

It would be nice for the developer to make it so that it allows to add all selected files with one instance similar to this solution for VLC player.

MP3TAG and VLC media player

That would be nice. But in the meantime, just check the "for all selected files" checkbox. This open as many windows as tracks, but they close nearly immediatly after processing the single file. Looks ugly, but works .-)

I'm not sure if this change to the above instructions are necessary, but I use this parameter "%_path%" -f -nbfor multiple files. %_path% contains the full filepath and filename like "C:\Temp\01 - My First track.mp3".

That was the first thing I tried, and I tested it with 220 files butit took quite some time for the DOS screens to disappear. :[

Yes, but using this with 'for all selected files' unticked only does the first file in the mp3tag window whereas the *.mp3 adds all files from the current folder of the top file in the mp3tag window.

mp3val is opensourse as far as I'm aware, so anybody can modify it to run one instance in GUI mode I'm sure with the right knowledge. All I can say is I don't :confused: