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Hi All,

I’ve got files that show the following:

Title: Lil Baby, Drake - Never Recover
Artist: Lil Baby

How do I get them to look like:

Title: Never Recover (feat. Drake)
Artist: Lil Baby

You could try
Convert > Tag - Tag for TITLE
Format string: $regexp($replace('Lil Baby, Drake - Never Recover','Lil Baby, ',),(.*) - (.*),$2 '('feat. $1')')
or with field variables:
Format string: $regexp($replace(%title%,%artist%', ',),(.*) - (.*),$2 '('feat. $1')')

If that does not work, real examples, perhaps with screendumps would be helpful.

That looks like the filename and not

What do the tag fields look like?
Edit: I replied to a post with a screendump that showed the files. This post has been deleted by the OP.

Please follow this instructions and show us screenshots from Alt+T to see the content of your current tags.