title with " in export config


I have a problem exporting a track title with a " in the title.

For example:

track title:
casta diva, from the opera "norma"

line in export config:
$replace("%title%", "#", "#")

result in the exported file:
[unrecognized variable or operator: norma]


line in export config:

result in the exported file:
casta diva, from the opera "norma"

This seems to be a new problem with the version 2.26.

[F] Tag-Dateiname - Probleme mit Anführungszeichen

I can reproduce the problem but I have no solution at the moment. Please stay tuned - I'll think about it.

Best regards,
~ Florian



I've totally rewritten the internal scripting engine and I think this is now fixed with the current Development Build. I've changed the complete syntax of the scripting functions, so please read the what's new file after updating.

Thanks for your patience!

Best regards,
~ Florian


Thanks. It seems to be working well.

The only major problem I found was that $eql, $neql, $geql and $leql don't seem to work. For example $eql(%artist%,%artist%) returns nothing. I don't use these though.

A minor note:

To get ' you'll use '', not '''.


I think $eql,... are logical comparisons and must be used with $if functions.
like $if($eql(%title%,),%_filename%,%title%)


It seems to be so. I think $eql used to return 1 if true and 0 if false.