Hi everyone,
I would like to now if it's possible to batch Count Selecting All the Song to get The good count per Album/Folder > Folder path is ended by Album

maybe somethig like pool if album > Folder ...

Thank you for your assistance I

Did you have a look at "⌘ K Assign track numbers"?

I just want to know, if there is a way to batch the individual album count when I select all the album I this picot I tried but I have the total number of managed tracks, I would like to know if I can have the count of elements per album but in one shot with all the managed tracks selected :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

AFAIK the track numbering assistant is triggered by folder change. So it sets a number for all the files in one folder and if you set it, then the counter is reset for the next folder.
This applies to the track number.
You can also set the discnumber - and for that it is assumed that you select only the files of that set of discs that belong together. Here, on folder change, the disc number is increased by 1 and also the number of total discs is saved - if the settings are accordingly.
The numbering assistant does not read the data in ALBUM and compares it with the data other files.

I don' want to use this assistant,,because I want to preserve original album integrity

To be honest: I don't understand why the assistant, when handled properly, should do anything to the album integrity.