Track tagging in mp3

I’m in the process of tagging my whole Hip-Hop collection. I’m getting frustrated with changing the track format. When I’m copying a whole discography across, the track formats are all different. I don’t suppose there is anyway to change the format of everything without haven’t to re-number the tracks? I hope this makes sense.


What exactly do you mean with "track formats"?

Could you please show us a screenshot to exemplify the issue?

The example attached shows 3 albums, all with the correct track numbers, however are all formatted differently.

Album 1 - XX/XX
Album 2 - X
Album 3 - XX

Ideally without selecting each album individually, I would like to change them all to “XX/XX” without them changing from There assigned track number.

AFAIK this is not possible.
You need to select all the tracks of one album first, then click on the menu Convert -> Autonumbering Wizard.
In the wizard you can choose the format you want to see for the selected track numbers, like the leading zeroes for tracknumbers. This settings
would change your existing track numbers from




Thank you, I thought this was the case. One for the suggestion box :joy: thanks for the quick reply :blush:

Often this happens with different file types.
Album 1 - XX/XX is usually found in mp3 files, using the id3 spec
Album 2 - X is typically m4a format, where there is a separate track total tag, and no leading zeros
Album 3 - XX is typically FLAC and other formats, where there is a separate track total tag, and allows leading zeros

Fortunately mp3tag is very flexible and will show us all of these formats. And when writing them will put correct details in the appropriate tags.

It should be possible, but only with renumbering. Please see

especially the section on Resetting and Incrementing Counters.