'Tracknumber' suddenly empty in windows

Since a few weeks I encounter the problem that when I play a full album that I know well, my player plays the order of the tracks totally different than I expect.
I have several programs for playing my music. I play with 'Heos', with 'LMS (Logitech MediaServer) and also with 'Stream Magic' from 'Cambridge Audio'.
First I checked one of the players to be sure NOT to be in 'shuffle-mode' and the result of that chack was positive for me, it's not in shuffle mode.
The problem is exactly the same with each player that I use, so I tought the problem can be situated in the tags.
When I extract my collection with MP3Tag to a CSV-file, the tracknumber is correct for every song.
Even the extended tag info is correct for every file in my opinion:
for example 'TRACK 5'.
Also the column seems correct in MP3Tag:
Name: Track
Value: $meta_sep(track,\)
Field: %track%
But the problem is:
When I open a file in windows and go to 'properties', 'details', 'Media', all my metadata is correct, except for '#', where the 'value' is totally empty.
What can be the cause of that problem and how can I resolve it ?

Can you please show us a screenshot after pressing Alt + T (or View -> Extended Tags) in Mp3tag on one of your affected tracks?

2023-08-29 16_20_15-Tags - FLAC (FLAC) - D__Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms (xrcd) flac_05 - Why W

And in windows all is empty in this column:

Could you also check if this applies only to flac files or other files as well?
And if only flac files are effected, could you check that you have set a mapping for TRACK and TRACKNUMBER in Ctrl-OTags>Mapping

Maybe you have a large embedded image in the file.
I have a FLAC file with a large embedded image (3400x5400). It does not show a track number in Windows.
It shows only the file's technical metadata but none of the song's metadata.
Also, metadata cannot be written in File Explorer, even though Mp3tag has no such problem.
When I remove the image and the leftover padding and re-tag the file, File Explorer shows the information (eg. track, album, artist, etc.) written by Mp3tag and those details can be edited in File Explorer.
Embedding a smaller image (600x600) does not affect the text information.

This seems to be another example of Windows inadequate support of FLAC metadata and another reason to avoid File Explorer for testing and/or validating Mp3tag or any other tagging software.


In addition to what @ryerman wrote above, please also see here for details on how to remove excess padding:

I have two types of music files ('flac' and 'MP3', no other types). The problem seems to be exposed on all my flac files, and by reading your question, I've checked my MP3-files too and there seems to be no problem at all with my MP3-files.
@reyerman ; Florian,
I have almost no embedded pictures in my music collection, but I've found a few examples with one, but it's rather small:

Actually, I recently retagged my collection to create more clarity, but I've seem to have make a mistake doing that. Before, I made a backup of my collection and I've searched for exactly the same file in tha backup and this is the screenshot of alt-T from it:

I don't know anymore how I did it, but I seem to have changed something in the tags because in the backup file there is 'Tracknumber 06', and in the file I use now, there is 'Track 6'.
I also saw that in the backup, there is 'Date' and in the file I use now there is 'Year', but that doesn't seem to result in a problem...
Is there a 'simple' solution for my mistake, without re-using my backup, and without having to retag all my music files ?

Thank you for the extended tags screenshots.
Now please check the Mapping.
TRACKNUMBER (Vorbis Comment) should be mapped to TRACK
DATE (Vorbis Comment) should be mapped to YEAR.

With a proper mapping, it should be possible to get the correct field assignment if you select the files and save them again with Ctrl-S.
Try it with a single FLAC file first.

Can you please explain how to do the mapping ? I don't understand very well how to do that.
Within the program MP3Tag I just found this:

Or I found this too, but I don't know how to use that...

That is the right place to setup the mapping.
Click on the "New" button
-> a new entry will be created, probably with "Id3V2" - overwrite that with "VorbisComment"
In the "Source" field enter: TRACKNUMBER
In the "Target" field enter: TRACK
Create further entries until the list looks like this:

To test the mapping save the tag data (again) with Ctrl-S

Thank you very much for your patience, your input worked very well for (as you mentioned: try it for one file) the file I tried it with. See screenshot:
The first song is OK now!
My time for today begins to shorten now. I'll try to do the same for all my other flac-files and I'll post the result.
Thanks very much

The solution works for my entire music collection now...
Thanks very much for the input

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