traktor pro 3 tags


I am using Traktor pro 3. In the browser there is a line called Labels.
I want to modify some values, but I cannot find this value in mp3tag.
Can you help me ?

thank you.

With the search words "traktor label" I found this thread:

If the files are MP3 files, then you could check one of the files with MP3diags and see whether Traktor put that information in PRIV fields. MP3tag does not show PRIV fiields.

With "Browser" you speak about the windows file explorer?

If you have a look at Decoding the TRAKTOR 4 binary data inside a PRIV tag you can see that Traktor write the metadata in a PRIV tag. Nothing that Mp3tag can read, change or write.

Bit of a necro-bump, but...

The "Label" tag in Traktor is "Publisher" in MP3Tag...

If you edit the tag in MP3Tag (or anywhere else outside of the Traktor Browser), the edited tags won't show up in Traktor until you actually play the file again.**

That could mean that "Traktor" reads this (externally changed) tag only again before playing.
Maybe you can find some Traktor functionality like "actualize/refresh my visible tags with the one from the file(s)"?

Yup - it's called "Check Consistency". :+1:

But you can only do it on your whole Collection. It takes a while when you've got thousands of files in your Traktor collection.

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