Transparent tag panel

I'd like to suggest a possibility of making the tag panel transparent, to the likening of the user

To save precious space I started to use the tag panel in a non-docked way. It would be useful for me now to be able to make it transparent [choosing of course how much] and to make text behind it colored [using whatever color I would like to]

Here is a simulation of such a transparent tag panel [please don't mind the large empty GENRE tag field; that was a quickly done presentation]:

In this example the letters behind are red and the panel itself is set 85%

In this example the letters behind are green and the panel itself is set 66%

In this example the letters behind are light grey and the panel itself is set 50%

Aside from a fact, that in all of those set ups the borders of tag panel are obstructing the view behind quite a bit, the ability to see what is [mostly] behind the panel can help: because in some case I am very likely not to have to scroll to see what is further on the right side; or have to close the tag panel [and then reopen it]. So, this would save me some annoying clicking and moving scrollbar - and thus speeding up my work

I know, that many time what is behind would be more or less unreadable. But even as simple information of seeing right away, if further fields are empty, would be helpful. And if such a feature should be implemented, then an on / off switch should be provided, placed somewhere on the tag panel or [most preferably] with other icons on the toolbar

Oh. My. Goodness. I just discovered you can dock the tag panel to the bottom of the Mp3Tag window.


I've used Mp3Tag for years and thought all this time it was reserved for the side! Now I can see all my custom fields more easily. So pleased. My only wish is the fields would re-arrange based on the height of the panel rather than being in fixed positions.

Anyway, this is possible with Autohotkey:

Copied the basic script from an existing forum post, and needs some tweaks before it'll be regularly usable, but the basic ability is there:

#NoEnv; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
; #Warn; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors.
SendMode Input; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%; Ensures a consistent starting directory.

DetectHiddenWindows, on; Might allow detection of menu sooner.
IfWinExist, Tag Panel ahk_exe Mp3tag.exe
    WinSet, Transparent, 150; Uses the window found by the above line.

There are plenty of window transparency scripts for Autohotkey that exist already, though.

I had no idea about that. But it means, I would have to learn to use a third party software, in order do expand capabilities of my main software [Mp3tag]. And to do it I would give me a headache, like in the case of many efforts on creating actions in Mp3tag [which were done mostly by the kindly help of users ohrenkino and DetlevD]; but also I would gain some knowledge

The other approach would be working extra hours [also with some headaches] and buying an ultra wide screen, with enough room for my tag fields. I think I like better the other kind of gains that will come along with such alternative approach. A larger screen is what I need and not yet another almost never used program in my OS

But thank you for that info