Reminder: 30 days left to reach our target.

Kickstarter Project Link Below

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Very cool!

Would be great!

You're the best!

the Traxsource script is updated ?

If it helps... I desperately need a traxsource web source. plz plz plz plz plz plz :wink:

In the meantime you can try my beatport script. I know quite a few releases are not available that's on TS. I've been away from the computer for the last couple of months and off work due to medical issues. But as soon as I get going again and find some spare time I'll get this finished.

Sorry for the delay.

Hello master! Any update about traxsource script? Thank you for your great work.

After over half a year, I hope this little push is allowed.

Let's get this project started !!

With the kind go ahead of Florian the developer, I've been allowed to get a Kickstarter project to revive this project.

Due to personal and work-related reasons, I don't have the free time to write these scripts and so would need to take the time of my paid job.

LINK - please share far and wide scripts by stevehero

The Funding

  1. Anyone that donates €50 or more will receive a private link to a 3-4 hour YouTube tutorial on a howto on writing Web Source Scripts.
  2. €800 spaced over 40 days. Funding is all or nothing, after which time the project will be a success or you will receive your donation back.
  3. We have until Wednesday, July 17 2019 9:47 AM BST to raise the funds.

The Scripts:

  1. You will receive lifetime support of the 16 scripts. See the Kickstarter project page for more info.
  2. Artwork scripts will be in there also and album and single track scripts too, much like my beatport scripts.

Good Luck guys and gals !
- stevehero

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Friendly Reminder:

30 days left to reach our target.

Kickstarter Project Link Below

Gone very quiet all of a sudden in here. :rofl:

20 days remain.

Sh*t, I was not notified of any updates from this topic...

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For any of you whose still interested in tagging from Traxsource,
there's now a standalone application out there for Windows, Linux & macOS:

Works great!


wow....even before i download this "Traxsource Tagger",
I really want to thank you :+1: for bringing it to my attention.

I was manually hand-tagging Traxsource releases, all this time ! :unamused:

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Got something going on but Steve still deserves some credits, couple of beer and EP from beatport, an early Traxsource track search working. Need some icing on the cake :


does this grab the track-numbers (or the order of the tracks) from the Traxsource web-page and write to the ID3 tags ?

I am working on the release version right now, it will since they are easily fetched in the html source.


Here they are for track search and by direct track ID


this looks promising :cowboy_hat_face:

i just tried the script, and it didn't work the way, i thought it would.

i had 2 x tracks, for an EP, in Traxsource.

the script correctly found the artist + title,
and I get the window with the track details grabbed from Traxsource,
but it works well for individual tracks only.

The script does not look for the whole list of tracks for a album / EP and gives you a list of all tracks for that album / EP,
e.g. if I have 10 MP3 files where there is track-numbers to the files but no ID3 tags,
then I cannot use this script (as it is now) to get the track numbers from Traxsource.