Just added Traxsource release script by ID


i tried an "Artiste + Title" websource and it did not give a result,
but when i used "Artiste", i got the result...and it's pretty good ! :+1:

overall, the script(s) work well :muscle:

it can be tweaked later, for things such as:

  • grabbing record label and catalog number
  • information showed "Track Name (original)" but not "Track Name (Original Mix)"
  • not always grabbing the year from the release page
  • padding track number (01, 02, 03,... instead of 1, 2, 3 )

You can change it for anything you want, but you have to look at the script.
Pay attention to this line:
# replace blank track version to your liking

mp3tag v.3.05
Release by ID

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Made a couple of fixes in the track search versions.

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A question if there is a solution.

I have this solution, I have the mp3s already with the tags and cover applied, the only thing I have to do is interface with beatport to change the genre that is not present in my mp3s.
With this script I can interface with beatport and extract ALL TAGS!

when I click OK it changes all the TAGs, is there a way to store and change only SPECIFIC TAGS?
In my case Gender and BPM

Just edit the scripts and remove dashes in the lowest parsing code part :

#remove dashes below if you don't want to set the field

 set "LENGTH"
 set "ALBUM"
 set "ARTIST"
# set "BPM"
 set "COMMENT"
 # set "GENRE"
 set "PUBLISHER"             # RECORD LABEL
 set "TITLE"
 set "TRACK"
 set "YEAR"
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is there a workin script to Traxsource?? i tried several and none of them are working :frowning:

you have to reinstall versione 3.21 to work

Release Direct by ID doesn't work

I've recently moved the WS to Broken Web Sources and added this comment

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i have version 3.22 installed and it doesnt work

Just downloaded Mp3tag 3.22 less than 24 hours ago, got mainly fixed everything.. just adding all information grabbed from the source to make them conplete

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I will review full the research search while the rest has been fixed
(Traxsource Mp3tags scripts - Google Drive)

Will upload a v03 folder when release search will be fixed.

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Release Direct by ID got fixed

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