Trouble with cover art in VLC

Before I use Win7, VLC and Mp3Tag without any trouble. But since I've changed to Win 10, if I insert a cover art in tag VLC doesn't show it. I've trierd ti change to older version of VLC, quite the same also I've changed to older version of Mp3Tag without any success. Does anyone knows somthing about this kind of trouble?

see e.g. here:

Yes I know that I've allready done it. Nota: the art reperories were empty.

That could be but you did not say so.
Please follow this thread:

and tell us what else you did on what kind of files.

I've found the problem. It was not related to mp3tag but from the original APE file wich the M4A conversion came from. As I've done new conversion from FLAC, everything works fine now.

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