Trying to perform a search of my files for a specific word/sequence

I'm trying to search my music collection for certain data such as when the music was released, eg 1967, some of my files have this data contained within their "filename" tag, some don't, I would like to search for this and have mp3tag list them, so that I can transfer that to their actual "Year" tag. I'm sorry if this seems a pointless or too simple a task, but it is necessary to me. Is there a way to do this, simply, as i'm not a programmer. Thanks for your help

Use a filter.
You see the filter area when you press F3.
The easiest would be to enter nothing but

but probably you want to see all the files where the YEAR is missing and the _FILENAME has a 4-digit-number.
So I suggest:
%year% MISSING AND %_filename% MATCHES \d\d\d\d
You find more about filters in the help
Or is this something that you want to perform on the Mac?

Thank you for your ever so swift reply, I didn't expect an answer quite so quickly.

OK, one of you solutions worked amazingly, the other didn't produce any results at all.

Your suggestion of simply entering 1967, worked exactly as I had wanted, and as I have the "year" column displayed, It shows me which ones don't have that data fulfilled.

The other suggestion didn't work, now not sure if I fluffed it or not, but I tried it as follows (in each way seperately) and each returned no results

1st attempt: %year% MISSING AND %_filename% MATCHES \d\d\d\d
2nd attempt: %year% MISSING AND %_filename% MATCHES \1\9\6\7
3rd attempt: %year% MISSING AND %_filename% MATCHES 1967
4th attempt: %year% MISSING AND %_filename% MATCHES \1967

I did tell you i wasnt a programmer but I though I'd give each a go. But I did get the result with the first "Simple" suggestion. Thanks so very much

You did not answer whether you use this on a Mac ... (I suspect something like that from your ID).

Perhaps the next will work better:
%year% MISSING AND %_filename% HAS 19

Sorry I missed that part of your answer.

No, Im not a MAC user, I hate everything Apple, I'm a Windows User, thru and thru, my ID come thru years of experience of avoiding netbots and netspiders and spam emails, as they don't seem to like it when you mix your ID/Emails in this way

I'll give that last filter a go now, BRB

OK, copied and pasted you last filter, that didnt work either

Could it be that the year cannot be found in the filename but in the folder?
Then it would be
%year% MISSING AND %_path% MATCHES \d\d\d\d

Your initial SIMPLE solution has worked just fine for my needs, I'm a simple kida guy with simple needs, just trying to sort a massive music collection into some sort of semblance of order and to appease my mild OCD where my music is concerned. It's been a labour of love for the past few years and I#'m getting close to finally finishing

They say....... "Sometimes the simple solutions are the best"

and that seems to have been true in this case

couldn't you show me a screendump of a file and its name and path which has no year and the missing data somewhere in path?
(I tried my filter and it works as intended ...)

First of all, I have to thank you for your help and assistance

Second, I did say I was not a programmer, so whilst I have a slight idea of what a screen dump is, I have no idea where to start and how to produce one, but I would if I could. If only to help you to help me a little better.

Thirdly, I have only the next 15 minutes, as I'm off out to a family birthday function

Maybe we could pick this back up next weekend?

see the

by screendump. do you mean a screenshot?? as in Ctrl, Alt Printscreen type picture???

screendump / screenshot - same thing for me

Cos if thats what you want, then hope this helps

I gotta go now, been shouted at by my wife, running late as usual, will pick this up next weekend, again, tahnk you so much for helping me

I just renamed a file for test purposes, deleted the year and load a couple of other files.
Then I applied the filter
%year% MISSING AND %_filename% MATCHES \d\d\d\d

... yielded the expected result

At least in your screenshot I cannot see a single file that would match one of the suggested filters. All YEAR-Tags are present an all filenames have a year in their names. The filter can only work of your YEAR-Tag is missing.

In my screenshot, I have already completed transferring all the data I wanted to change, as I didn't know you would be asking for the screenshot.