TTA files are loaded up with longer duration times than real ones

Like literally yesterday I have upgrade from version 3.02 to 3.04a

I today I have noticed an obvious bug. The lengths of my TTA files are now sometimes loaded up falsely. A file that has 3:34 can be shown now in the %_LENGTH% column as having something like 20:54, a file that is 1:04 can be displayed as being 1:09:03; etc. - and also the overall playtime of all files at the bottom bar is exaggerated

And when I click such file in the main window [i.e. highlight it] its value in %_LENGTH% turns to the real one

This has never happened before. Closing and re-opening of Mp3tag does not help- in that the bug still shows up. And that bug is also inconsistent- a file that is affected, after loading up again will display a real time value

Sometimes the %_LENGTH% value in its column is not even loaded at all- it remains blank until I click [highlight] such affected file within Mp3tag

And after downgrading Mp3tag to version 3.03 there is no problem with the same TTA files. And those as the same files as in the past- so it is not a case of some conversion done with a glitch. Or to be precise: if there have glitches then those errors were in them for years, but it is only now in 3.04a version of Mp3tag that the manifest themselves

[Conversion to TTA format can be performed with free Tau Producer available at - although at this moment the site seems to be down]

I've fixed this regression with Mp3tag v3.04b (AAC was also affected). Thanks for reporting!

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Yes, it seems that TTAs are fixed now

Thank you

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