Unable to read some .mkv files using IDM

mp3tag cannot read Mkv files containing Opus audio, but it can read Mkv files containing AAC-LC format audio. Both files' info is shown in the above image (mp3tag reads the left one but is unable to read the right one).
How can I solve this issue?

Thank You.

Please try the integrity checking with foobar2000 as outlined here:

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Thank you for your reply.
foobar2000 integrity check shows: Failed: Corrupted file or unsupported format.
When I change the extension from .mkv to .opus or .ogg, the mp3tag does read the file, although metadata like bitrate, length is blank (size is shown).

You can’t just change the file type by changing the extension. It may allow mp3tag to read some or all of the tags, but it doesn’t fix the issue. I suggest you look for a tool to repair the file itself. Or if you have the original source to rip it again. Something is wrong and the header is corrupt.

Yes, I passed the file through Mkvtoolnix, and it did convert it to MKV without any error. And now it's being read by mp3tag.
The problem is not for one file; it's for all the video files downloaded using IDM, while mp3tag does read the files downloaded using Jdownloader.

This sounds like it should be a bug report to IDM.

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These are download managers. I don’t think they would manipulate changes to the actual files. It is much more likely something to do with the source, or original conversion to digital. As always, the first check if mp3tag cannot access something that it should is to check for file integrity.

Download managers nowadays concatenate fragments of media streams (e.g. HLS, DASH) to reconstruct an actual file. This can go wrong of course.

Correct. But the end result should still be the same, a file that is complete. If an error occurred during the download and subsequent reconstruction, the download manager should be identifying that.
Regardless, once it is confirmed that their is a file integrity issue it must be fixed. Download the file again, or rip from the physical media if available.