Unable to save cover art

whenever i go to save cover art, it doesn’t actually save it and change the file picture. instead it just says (1/2) below the picture, the first one is blank and the second one is the actual picture(i added a picture below), and the file stays the same. if i try again it just adds another picture, so it’ll say 1/3, but the 1st one is still blank and the file still doesn’t change. how do i fix this?

Could you please tell us the exact steps you use to add the cover and save it?

1.) You load one ore more files into Mp3tag
2.) ?
3.) ?

i’ve tried 2 different ways
the first was after selecting the file, i clicked in tags>extended tags>add a cover>save. i tried again but instead of hitting save i hit “OK” and the same thing happened where it added another cover but didn’t actually change the file.

then i tried just right clicking the blank cover, clicking remove cover so that only the 2nd cover was left, and then hit save. that worked on most of them but there’s still a couple of files where it didn’t change it.

It sounds like this file already has an image saved. But perhaps it is something in a format that mp3tag can’t display. So when you are adding this new file, they become 1/2 and 2/2.

If you care to share one example file that has this issue, perhaps this can be confirmed.

The first dump on the left only shows a size but no type or dimensions for the picture.
Could you check the picture file whether it is actually a picture file and preferably save it again with a graphics tool?
Also, try to delete that empty picture. And if that does not work then cut the whole tag and paste it again.

And just to be on the safe side: