Unable to sort by Track colomn

I have been converting a lot of old records to mp3 and using Discogs for the tagging source.

As they were vinyl the tags nearly always are labeled thus;

I've just discovered that I can't sort by track order, it basically does not do an alphanumeric sort only a numeric sort.

Or am i missing something?

As an aside, I find MP3tag very useful and have donated as these things don't happen without support from users.



In the column definition you can tweak the sorting a little bit:
you can set the sorting to "numeric" - which is the default for this column - and try if it sorts better for you if you untick it.

Or you enter an expression in the "Sort by" field like
$replace(%track%,A,1,B,2,C,3) which then leads to a virtual number like A1 -> 11, A2 -> 12 and so on.
See if the expression needs a little more sophistifcation like a split between letter and the already numeric values to cater for 2-digit track numbers.