Unwanted date in date tag

Hi all.

When I go to add the date 2023 in that field I am prompted to use 2023//2023, which obviously I don't want. Is there a list of prompts that can be edited and things like that removed, or custom genres added?

Thanks in advance

Which program asks you to enter the date with 2 forward slashes?

If you see a field in the tag panel with 2 backward slashes like 2023\\2023 then this means that you have a multi-value field which you can check with the extended tags dialogue Alt+T.
MP3tag usually does not ask or force you to create multi-value fields.

see also here:

if you have a question about genres, please open a new topic.

I'm using the current MP3Tag. You are already past me talking about 'multi-value fields'...

I edit the 2023//2023 by hand each tome it appears but I don't know where that prompt came from. It's new in about the last month.

Are these really 2 forward slashes that you see //?
Did you try the extended tags dialogue?

Mulit-value fields are fields of the same type that appear more than once.
Which other program do you use to edit tags? MediaMonkey?

There is an action to remove duplicate fields:

Apply that to the files and you do not have to edit the files manually.

I only use MP3Tag...

That action seems to have solved the issue. Thank you.

I use the extended tags dialogue when I get mp3s from on outside source, who fills every possible tag with their own name generally. :grinning:

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