Upgrade from 32bit to 64bit

I have Mp3tag v3.11 (32 bit) currently installed. I see there is a much newer version, and I was thinking I should take the opportunity to install the 64 bit version. It seems I have to uninstall the old version to install a 64 bit version though.

If I do this, will it still keep all my settings/configuration/scripts, etc, in my AppData/Roaming folder, or do I need to back anything up?

Is it any less painful if I install the latest 32 bit version first?

Note I have done a "Save Configuration", but I'm wondering whether this includes everything, and what I will need to do, if anything to restore this in a new installation.

Please follow the additional notes here:

Thanks for pointing that thread out.

So I went ahead and uninstalled the existing mp3tag 32bit version. However, when I try to install the new 64bit one, it bails out complaining that there is still an mp3tag 32bit version installed in Program Files (x86).

There was an empty folder, which I have removed, but it still complains that it is installed.
It looks like there are some bits left over in the Registry that weren't uninstalled.

I deleted Software/Florian/Mp3Tag from the registry and I could then install. I think there were other things left over in the registry, such as Mp3TagShell, InProc32, but seems to be working now.

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