"URI must contain a hostname" error on Discogs

If I try to dowload some cover art, I get this error message. It happens with all Discogs links, not with MusicBrain.

Thank you!

You are not very outspoken in respect to which version of MP3tag you use and which script for discogs.
Because ....
there was a German thread where this phenomenon got reported

and there a complete update to V2.99 helped.
The current up-to-date version is 3.01.

I'm so sorry, you're right.
I'm using MP3tag 3.01. I always keep it updated. :slight_smile:

which still leaves the question ...

do you use?
Is that up-to-date as well or a user-defined one or an old one?
Have a look at the data\sources folder and see if your script has the date 27th of March 2020.

Hello and thanks again.
No, they have all the date 23rd of January 2020. They are all the ones that came with MP3tag installation.

I'm quite certain that this error occurs whenever an outdated Discogs source is used. Can you please make sure that you're using the latest versions both in the Mp3tag program directory and in your configuration directory.

If you installed Mp3tag as Standard installation, the configuration directory can usually be accessed via %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\data\sources\ from the Explorer address bar.

If you installed Mp3tag as Portable installation, the configuration directory is the same as the program directory.

In all cases you should find those files

Cover Art#Discogs Artist + Album.src
Cover Art#Discogs Artist + Title.src
Cover Art#Discogs Artist + Year.src
Cover Art#Discogs Release ID.src
Cover Art#Discogs.inc
Cover Art#Discogs.src
Cover Art#MusicBrainz.src
Discogs Artist + Album.src
Discogs Artist + Title.src
Discogs Artist + Year.src
Discogs Release ID.src

Hi Florian and thanks for your help.

That's quite strange, because I don't have an Mp3tag folder in my APPDATA. I've searched either in Local, LocalLow and Roaming.
Those files are in the Data/Sources folder inside the installation path of the program.

But as you can see I use the installer, so it's not the portable version.

Here's the content of the folder:

For debugging purposes you could create a tool to find the data folder, see this thread:

And be that as it may: the shown web sources are not the up-to-date ones.

Thank you so much.

Unfortunately, my tech knowledge doesn't include Windows Explorer tools or how to create them. I've tried pasting the parameters in the address bar and obviously didn't work. :slight_smile:

Maybe re-installing Mp3tag over the previous installation will fix this?

Tools are fairly versatile and they are an MP3tag feature that can be called via the context menu of the files list.
See the help:
and there also the linked topics in this forum.

Thank you, I got it now.
It pointed to the same folder.

then try an update installation into the same folder and see whether the web sources change their date to the same as MP3tag.exe.
(which is 27th of March 2020)

I had to run the installer as Administrator, but it worked. Thank you!