URLs in comment field getting duplicated?

When I put a URL in the comment field, most of the time it gets duplicated?
Is this a bug or a "feature" ?

Thank You

Please show us an example for such an URL (as screenshot or text example).
Then we can try to reproduce this behaviour.

I start by adding a time stamp for example 0:52 then paste in the URL
It then duplicates it...

So you try to add this text
0:52 https://www.mixcloud.com/brian-borden/ttns-the-thursday-night-show-november-10-2022-live-wdj-brian-borden/
manually as COMMENT in the tag panel on the left side of Mp3tag for a selected MP3, right?

No I added it in to the comment field in the main pane on the right.


Does the same happen if you enter the same data in a different field?
Does the same happen if you do not enter a URL but other data in the comment field?
And if this something that only happens in this particular column:
What does the column definition look like for the comment column?

As you can see, the URL will NOT be duplicated, if I enter it in the main pane:

URL not dupliated

What exactly are you doing step by step?

As @ohrenkino already has asked:
What is your definition for the Comment-Column?
(right-click on the "Comment" column, then "Customize column")

I worked out the issue. I gave the job to somebody else to do and they were using 3rd party software to populate the comment field without telling me!
Apologies but thanks to all who replied.

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.... and do you know how to get rid of the duplicated field - fast?

...and how to find files with more than 1 comment field?

Filter with
$meta(comment,1) PRESENT

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