Using MP3Tag to assist with Video Files

OP System Windows 10
I could certainly be wrong but I cannot find any detailed assistance of how one can load and amend TV video files in MP3Tag be it Mp4, AVI, Mkv etc.
What I'm looking to do, for example is, some or all information shown in Properties to be transfer to Details > Title.
Better still, can I reference IMDb Series episode descriptions to amend Properties and Title?

Thank you

Where do you see the details?
Anyway: I would start with a look a the program page which tells you about the supported file formats:
And then, if you found the file formats that you want to treat, then have a look at the help:

And when you have become more confident in the functions, perhaps a look at the web sources leads you further

Hi ohrenkino, thank you for your response. I will check out the details that you have supplied and try to work it out