Viewing and exporting Extended Tags

Hi - loving this great software, thank you for developing it.

I have a lot of FLAC files that I wish to export tag data from. Some of the tags are "extended" tags, such as Catalog #, Conductor, Orchestra, and several others.

I don't know how to add these to all the regular tags that are shown in the main view screen, or how to export them, and would very much appreciate any advice on how to do this.

Many thanks


To add it to the Tag Panel (left side):

To add it to the File List (right side, "Excel style"):

If you have specific questions, please ask them with specific use cases, as mentionend here:


Thank you for these three links. But I don't understand the first part of them, or how they apply to extended tags.

I have an extremely specific question. I'll restate it

How do I export Conductor, Orchestra, and Catalog # tags.

Many thanks if you can offer a specific reply rather than a grab bag of generic help files.

Load the export configuration file, edit it (by adding your tags containing Conductor, Orchestra, and Catalog), save this export configuraton file, let it run.

Without knowing what exactly you've already tried and how the extended tags looks like for your files, we can not provide more specific answers.

If you don't want to help me, perhaps best to just be quiet and let someone else do so, rather than to passive-aggressively show how clever you are and by implication how stupid I am.

Saying "Load the export configuration file" is not very helpful to people who don't know what an export configuration file is, or how to load it.....

I think that the linked documentation pages are a rather good help for users who just start to use this program.
I cannot thinkk of a lot of ways to get the same information that you can get from the documentation without reading.
And, honestly, why should someone else repeat that, what has been written down and explained already , write down again?
The specific question that you ask

Implies that you get to know

  • the extended tags dialogue to find out the name of the extra fields
  • the export function, where to find it, what it does,
  • which target format the export script should generate,
  • where to add the information for your specific case in that export script.

And all information for the initial learning steps (and you won't solve this without some learning) can be found in the documentation.
If you have a particular problem with one of the steps, then go ahead and ask for assistance on that.
But no-one can relieve you from the effort to dig into the topics unless you find the problem not worth any further investigation.

Please note: this forum is mainly run by volunteers - just as you got a very powerful software just for free. We should make each others lives as easy as possible. And this includes the good will to react to the input and suggestions of the participants in this forum.
You see that the first step has already been taken:
a member of the community tried to understand your problem and spent the effort to accumulate the relevant links in the documentation.
So it would now, IMHO, your task to take that seriously and perhaps find out where the documentation tells you how to

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I don't think that was what was intended by @LyricsLover offering these solutions. There are thousands of posts here, so it can be difficult to search and find a theme that exactly addresses what you are looking for. But since some of the community volunteers have been around for some time, often they can point you to a thread that may help.

I'm guessing you have already taken a stab at doing something with the Export option, or you wouldn't be asking about this. But to get there, you can go to File>Export and that will open a new panel with a selection of preset options for different file formats and such that are already ready to go. If you want to modify them, I suggest you use the Duplicate button on the right side so you don't change one of those original templates. You can then Edit (second button down) that new one with an effective name, and to add or remove any fields and functions you want.

Make sure whatever fields you are working with have the exact same name as what you have in your files.

Note that these export formats are all very user specific, so there will need to be some experimenting on your end to get the layout and content exactly as you want it.

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Thank you for your kind and helpful note. And your guessing is all correct! :grinning:

I have created a new File Export template. But the values I've added don't appear in the export. I'm also slightly anxious because I can't get these values to appear in the main display when I read in a directory of files and their tags.

I'm guessing that if I can't get the fields to appear in the main display, they're not there to then be exported.

This is the export template I created. It seems valid, but doesn't work. I'd like to add Catalog # too but I'm not sure how to handle the space in it!

$loopend()build on %_date% with %_app% - the universal Tag editor -

Many thanks for any additional thoughts you might have.


Highlight one of the files you expect should have the additional tag(s) you want to see. Then hit the Extended Tags button on the Toolbar, or use the keyboard shortcut Alt-T to open that window. That will show a complete list of tags that have been saved for that file. Take a screenshot and post it here.

A note on your file - do your fields for Genre, Composer, Conductor, and Orchestra actually have that underscore character?

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Thanks for your further help.

Here's a screenshot.

Those underscores were present in the template I copied from. Everything else exports correctly, so while I don't understand them, I am assuming them to be required.

First fix is to remove those underscores. As you can see in the list you have posted, they are not present there. Look at the other existing and modifiable tags such as Title, Artist, Album, etc. The ones that you see that have this character are information tags only.

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Many thanks indeed! :clap: Correcting that gratuitous underscore seemed to have resolved everything. I also added catalog # and genre, and am getting all I hoped for now. Yay.

Maybe I should start another thread, but I'm now looking at the long list of artists. Is it trivial or non-trivial to get the varying number of artist entries as part of an exported file? :wink:

Probably a separate thread to address this specifically. But I think you'll find once you get more familiar with this you will be able to handle these exception cases better. Give it some time to consider how this applies to your needs, and what can be done with the existing functions within the export function.

Try $meta_sep(artist,;) instead of the simple %artist% - it produces a list of all the artists in a file, separated by a semicolon.

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Perfect, many thanks.

I've run out of pesky questions! Again, many thanks to @MotleyG and also to @ohrenkino


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