Vorbis/Flac Comments field case modification

Hi all

I would like to know if it is possible to have all fields for vorbis comments capitalized.
Meaning "Artist" would be "ARTIST"; "Album" would be "ALBUM"; "Title" would be "TITLE", and so on and so forth.

I've previously owned a portable music player, and it would not read the tags if they were not capitalized; and ever since, I have kept all my tags formatted the same. Sometimes I need to work on the tags but Mp3tag reverts them back to mixed-case.

I'm sure there should be something that can be done.

Any assistance is welcome.

You can use a case conversion action with the field specified as _FIELDNAME. This will rewrite all field names with the designated case conversion. What I recommend is creating an action group to do this, and making sure that it is the last action group that is executed whenever you manipulate any tags. You can also run it by itself using the quick actions button.

You should also find Mp3tag's file view (columns) definition file, named columns.ini and make sure that all of the field names are written in upper case. There will be many column definitions in the file looking something like:


Make sure all of the 'field' entries are all upper case. For example:


Also, any custom fields that you've created in the tag panel, which are defined in usrfields.ini. Make sure all of the 'value' names are all upper case.

name=Album Artist Sort:

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I will take a look at your suggestions.

Kind regards

That's a great tip thanks, my OCD has been bugged by the seemingly random capitalization of my fields where the UIs don't universally UPPER or lower-case them.

I've successfully lower-cased them all within MP3Tag, leaving only my mapped ones as UPPER as a reminder that they don't match the canonical string.

However I've found in some cases this causes other (probably misbehaving) tagdata-scraping software to miss matching up already existing tags, so want to selectively re-ProperCase some fields.

I tried using the weirdly labeled field in that Action ("from or after"?) but that seemed to affect the case of ALL field labels, but just certain letters.

Is there a way to change the case of a specific tag label?

Do you mean 'Words begin from/after any of'? I believe that's only applicable when doing mixed or sentence case conversion.

Action type: Case conversion
Case conversion: Mixed Case
Words begin from/after any of: _-

This would change REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_GAIN to Replaygain_Track_Gain. Without designating the underscoree it would be Replaygain_track_gain.

You can use a 'Replace with regular expression' action. The following would change ISRC and UPC. You could add additional field names separated by vertical bars (pipes).

Action type: Replace with regular expression
Regular expression: ^(ISRC|UPC)$
Replace matches with: $upper($1)
[ ] case-sensitive comparison

Brilliant stuff, obviously your knowing and sharing the knowledge, but also a special tip of the hat to the developer(s)!