Want to rename song names from text file

I used to use MP3tag in a previous version on a previous machine, then stopped when IIRC it was not compatible to this M2 chip machine.

I recall pointing to a text file to use as song names, and each line of the text file would become the name song by song. If I try that now I can find a tag sources folder but IMPORT is grayed out. I feel like I don't understand the new flow or something???

I don't need a lot of fancy functions (though it would be nice to append 01 02 03 to the start of each song name maybe, but doesn't matter a lot). I essentially just want to do what I did before, import song names from a text file.

Have a look at the documentation on how to import data from text files:

I had read that, it rather seemed I want to Convert → Text File - Tag but that leads to the same grayed out IMPORT button. I also also kind of felt it was more about other tags but I only care about the song names...the other tags it seems I can type in on the left, and anyway when I upload to Apple Music I often have to redo Artist etc in that application. I used MP3tag before precisely because I could just open/paste a text file and rename songs-that was under Wine IIRC, is that functionality only in Windows?

If that is the case, the environment on your Mac has to be checked. And as no one from the distance can look over the shoulder, I kindly ask you to follow this post:

Oh! your answer spurred me to check some other things and now I get it! I needed to pick the Formatstring as "title"! Thanks so much.

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