WAV files cannot be editted

Hello - I've downloaded a lot of WAV files from qobuz, MP3TAG can't open the files for editing, can anyone help?
thanks Peter

I would check downloaded files with problems first of all for integrity.
Load them into any wav-file-capable audio editor and see if they work.
And then I would still save them again and see if editing works better now.

I've already played these files through my Naim music player, MP3TAG opens them but you can only see the filename, nothing else. There are about 40 files in the folder, if I broke them down into smaller folders would that help? Or I could read them into audacity if that would help
thanks Peter

Yes check if that leads to a better file.
Fewer files in a folder is not necessary.

Yes reading into Audacity then exporting a wav produces a file that MP3TAG can read and edit. Unfortunately my naim player doesn't like the output from MP3TAG, the original version gives more information.
Thanks anyway