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hi weakling child,
im not sure, but i think, your umlaut issue has something to do with the missing unicode support in web source framework. I noticed the same with korean font bevore. :confused:
As far i understood, unicode is not going to be support that soon... only thing we can do is hoping and waiting...
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found another bug - when search results are listed, not all of the releases are showing.

http://www.discogs.com/artist/Solar+X shows 6 releases, while search results only 5.

i'm almost sure that it's because 6th release goes after release that has that "þ" symbol. is there a way to skip those symbols?

EDIT: hi hunger01, just noticed your post. i thought about it. if they are not supprted, can they just be skipped?

EDIT2: regarding release not showing. it's not about that "þ" symbol. "þ" symbol is in the 4th release, 5th reads well & 6th is not showing. please consider.


It has nothing to do with Unicode and I'll try to fix it when I find some spare time.


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~ Florian


hi weakling child,

the 6th release is "Chanel N° 303" isnt it? perhaps its not shown because of the °? probably the same unicode issue, dont u think so?

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oh lucky! florian is going to fix it! thanks! :slight_smile:


awesome, thank you!

yep, missed that.


A Weakling Child,

all your problems (including cover art through proxy) should be fixed with the current Development Build.

Best regards,
~ Florian


The MusicBrainz client libraries support TRM lookup, but it's also possible to use them to perform lookups by artist/album/track name as well.

Even if you don't use the client libraries, you should consider using the Web Services (RDF) API, as it is a committed interface, unlike the user presentation HTML. I don't think it would be that much more difficult to script using your Web Source Framework (although I don't use mp3tag and haven't looked at the framework).



wow it works! thats just too great! thousand thanks!


Am using mp3tag2.29 and have a quesiton about the discogs.src

When i use it, it only seems to be able to query discogs.com by artist, i would like to search by album as well.

When i look in the discogs.src, album qury is defined but i am not able to access this using mp3tag.

Does anyone know how to query discogs.com with album name ?


This is not possible due to the site structure of discogs.com

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~ Florian


Would anybody code a script for importig Various Artists Albums from DISCOGS.COM ?
for Example: http://www.discogs.com/release/241235
Maybe that you simply have to enter the ID of the Album...



First up great program, I like everyone else here really appreciates all of your efforts with this. I've been playing around with the WebSource commands, particularly to the discogs interface (far and away the best for all my dance music).

I would like to capture the styles information as it is generally pretty good but its hard to do at the moment.

could I request an extra command for the framework, which i think would add a lot of functionality. The command would be

IfFindInLine S

and a matching
ElseIfInLine S

would be even better. This would look in the current line past the current position for a character/string. However, it would not move to the found location. If the character is found in the current line a block of code will be evaluated. This would allow more complex behaviour to be done. For example: http://www.discogs.com/release/293551

The first problem is that the current version of discogs.scr expects a track time to be specified, such as

A Dub Will Tear Us Apart (1:23)

The current code is

sayuntil " ("

but the example i've given looks like

A Dub Will Tear Us Apart

It doesn't do have a "(" to find so it falls over. The IfInLine could be used for this

ifInLine " ("
sayuntil " ("
sayuntil "</td>"

This way we would get the Track name correct in both cases.

The IfInLine would also allow the harvesting of the things in Styles:
ie the html for the styles for the above example is:

<tr><td align=right>Genre:</td><td>

and something along these lines could be done

#Styles - finds up to three styles, would need more nested loops to find more  
outputto "style"
findline "Style:"
moveline 1
iffindinline ","
   sayuntil ","
   moveline 1
   iffindinline ","
      sayuntil ","
      moveline 1

The other problem I could see with this is would the subsequent sayrests overwrite the earlier ones, or would it just add it on the end? (the preferred behaviour)

On another note, the command Sayrest is mentioned earlier in the help, but not listed in the formal list of commands down the bottom of the help page. Its fairly powerful at the moment for single artist albums, but discogs (and i'm sure others) has a wealth of information that i'd love to get in my tags. This would also make getting various artist albums possible.

Thanks again for all the hardwork so far!



Mike I think all this can be done already.
ofc these commands could make some things easier
#1 Keep in mind there's also titles like: Blabla (Special Edition) (3:28)
Might be difficult.

Try this:

outputto "styles"
findline "Style:"
moveline 1
  findinline "  "
  moveline 1
while "  "


I expanded the current discogs script, it now searches for albums, supports various artists, larger covers and better title recognition.


I'm trying to add some new tag info to the AllMusic web source; by now I successfully extracted the Album Rating and the Moods list, but I found some problems with the composer of the songs. :huh:

It's possible to assign a different value to every track in the list?
The "tracks" values are separated with a pipe char ("|"), but using the same trick with the Composer (or every other field) I obtain a long concatenated string, with the same text for all the tracks, instead of a different value for every song.

Sorry for my poor English,

P.S: I'm using the latest stable version, 2.32a


It's not possible.


Really sad news... :frowning:

I think that this behaviour could be a very good candidate for a feature request: It would have to be quite simple to implement (the "tracks" buffer already works this way).

On the other hand it could permit to extract and assign song-level information, by processing album-level web pages.

What do you think about it?


The current Development Build supports multiple values also for non-title fields. The separator is the pipe symbol | and the only constraint is, that the number of values is equal to the number of tracks.

Best regards,
~ Florian



i am a newbie with this app and therefore i'd like to ask a question:

i am trying to simply ad the covers to my mp3s using:

Cover Art-Amazon.com / .de / .co.uk / .fr
Search by: Album
Imports: Cover only
Attached File Cover_Art_Amazon.zip ( 4.86k ) Number of downloads: 11225


i followed the instructions and copied the extraced files into the suggested folder. however i can find this new option within the program. does anybody have an idea what i am doing wrong?

thanks in advance!


And where exactly did you put it?