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i put in the mp3tag\data\sources folder along with all the other *.src files that already existed in there.


never mind, i got it. thanks anyway :slight_smile:

I too have this problem using version 2.43. Extracted the Amazon.zip & MusicBrain.zip files to the /data/sources directory but the only items appearing in the Tag Sources menu are the original Amazon.com, Amazon.de & discogs entries.

How do I get the new ones to appear?


Found it!

In Vista the files go in \users\username\appdata\roaming\mp3tag\data\sources

Hi everyone,

It seems that Amazon.co.jp web source is no longer grabbing cover art or tracklists from the website. I'm afraid that I don't have the competency to solve the problem myself, but I was hoping that someone might be able to help resolve this problem?

Thanks a lot!

You can find the updated file here:

Thank you very much for your help! The new version works perfectly!

I was wondering if a .src command block can be reused in other .src (similar to INCLUDE command in some programming languages).
This way a tag related command block could be saved in a file which can be included in several .src files.

I'm answering you here since I think your question at the discogs script topic is not releated specially to this script, right?

What you propose there is not possible with mp3tag. You can't combine .src files like you can combine actions to action groups. You would have to run every script for every tag for it's own, so you would run about 15 scripts for one album!

But you can reuse command blocks in other scripts. Just copy them and insert them into your own script.
The only tricky thing is that the new script finds the right place in the web source where the comand block is belonging.

I think you didn't get my point.
I never wrote to combine .src files.
What I mean is to not write the same group of commands in each .src file but put this in a separate file (obviously not .src).
e.g. following block commands "extracts" Album.

# Album
outputto "Album"
findline "class=\"profile"
findline "href=\"/artist"
regexpreplace "^.+</a>" "</a>"
findinline "</a>"
findinline " - "
sayuntil "</h1>"

Instead of inserting the very same code to each .src file you save the block to a file (e.g. album.sri). You include the file (include album.sri) on each .src file.
A change to album.sri file would affect all .src files using it.
This way you manage centrally your code. A simple change on how you extract a particular tag wouldn't require a change of all .src files.
So the question now is: Would it be feasible to add a new command INCLUDE .sri ?
I hope it it is clear now.

Yeah, I get your point and that's a good idea.
I don't know if this could be realized. You can make a feature suggestion to florian.


I have a request, would it be possible to add search by ASIN for the various Amazon web sources ?

I mainly use amazon.co.uk.

Thanks, Martin.

Just enter the ASIN in the search field, it should find the album.

Ok will try that I was actually trying to match to an MP3 download on there and I've found the script that handles those (I have a different problem with not finding the Artist on there though the script seems to be looking in the right place and the US lokup is working - but I will post in the thread for that script)

Thanks, Martin