Weird problem tag free files and VLC

I have a really weird problem with the program.
After I deleted all tags of a bunch of mp3 files, VLC player shows the drake high in July artwork for all of my files.
I don't know what is happening but It's like the VLC is joking with me :rofl:

Perhaps a look at this thread leads the way?

No because of two thing:
There isn't anything there
in the folder mentioned there are only artwork files for things that you have had on your computer, I never had high in july on my computer, i haven't even listened to it

So, if there are no tags and no embedded pictures in the file - where do you see MP3tag's part in the investigation of this phenomenon?
If it is the player that shows strange functions, I would ask the player's support.
And as this is a local problem, you have to be as investigative as possible and as supportive as possible as no one can look over your shoulder from the distance.
So please have a look at this thread:

esp. the part about checking the files for integrity.
And then check the file system for left-over picture files
and then the player for unwanted internet access.